How to start

We try to make it as easy as possible to start development on snakebite. We recommend to use virtualenv (+ virtualenvwrapper) for development purposes, it’s not required to but highly recommended. To install, and create development environment for snakebite:

1. install virtualenvwrapper: $ pip install virtualenvwrapper 2. create development environment: $ mkvirtualenv snakebite_dev

More about virtualenvwrapper and virtualenv here

Below is the list of recommended steps to start development:

1. clone repo: $ git clone 2. fetch all developer requirements: $ pip install -r requirements-dev.txt 3. run tests: $ python test

If tests succeeded you are ready to hack! Remember to always test your changes and please come back with a PR <3

Open issues

If you’re looking for open issues please take a look here.